Industrial Roof Ventilation System

Code: HPI-01


We are a leading industrial roof ventilators manufacturer in India. Pioneer India is best industrial roof ventilators manufacturer offers high performance industrial roof ventilation system which is driven by wind. Roof ventilators help to expel hot, humid and wetted air from industrial buildings; it provides comfortable clean working surroundings as it works well to replace summer heat and winter damp with fresh air. Wind driven ventilation does not require electricity to run. These are light in weight and manufactured using galvanized steel.

Product Description

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  • Simply installable on new or existing roof
  • If thermal and wind pressure differ, the turbine head and ball bearings help the ventilator rotate freely to provide comfortable ventilation.
  • It is high corrosion resistant gives ruggedness to the structure.
  • The changeable pitch throat makes it to be fixed at any roof pitch


  • It does not require maintenance
  • It rotates freely due to the permanently lubricated bearing system
  • It is easily installable
  • Long Lasting performance
  • Removes dampness and humidity
  • Nonstop fresh air keeps workers active and healthy