Roofing Panel

Code: RP -01


Pioneer India is India’s leading company providing a range of roofing panel. These are made out of polyurethane foam (PUF) sandwiched between layers of waterproof and non-corrosive material. These are designed using latest technology thus serving with best performance even in extreme weather conditions. These pre-fabricated roofing panels are designed to withstand the quirks of nature and the vagaries of time.


Product Description

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  • Warehouses
  • Factory buildings
  • Poultry pens
  • Motels
  • Roof-top constructions
  • Service stations
  • Highway hotels

Dimensional ability

  • Dimensional stability < 1 per cent for -48h @ -30 °C
  • Working temperature -90°C or +90°C
  • Adhesion strength >100Kpa
  • Compressive strength > 120 Kpa
  • Thermal conductivity u=0.020W/M0k
  • Metal laminates Pre-painted galvanized steel
  • Insulation Rigid PUF Normal density
  • Joinery Overlap joinery with stitch screw and
    EPDM washers
    Bu,tyl sealants for leak-proof construction
  • Normal panel width 1000mm
  • Panel length Single panel up to 4500 mm


Following are the advantages of our products

  • hygienic surfaces
  • light-weight and sturdily build
  • thermal efficiency for power economy
  • easy to dismantle and relocate
  • acoustic insulation property
  • eco-friendly, with CFC-free insulation
  • quick construction
  • easy, neat, and clean site work
  • room temperatures when used in high-ambient temperatures